About Me

What important for you to know?  Mas or menos: nothing.  But here goes a list of facts the might give you a little perspective on the things I’m talking about:

1) I’m a graduate student, as of the summer 2012, I’ve finished my second year as a PhD student (done with Qualifying, not yet dissertating)

2) I study the spider Argyrodes, the dew drop spider, which is a tiny little bugger that steals food and lives on the web of the Golden Orb Weaver, Nephila clavipes 

3) I love those freakin spiders

4) I’m 32, single, and am spending the remainder of 2012 and most of 2013 living like a nomad, doing field work, hopefully in a variety of places.

5) I recently discovered that everything I own fits easily within a 10 x 5 storage space, and I probably could’ve downsized more without too much trouble.

6) As of right now, I live at La Selva Biological Field Station, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa Rica.

7) I play ukulele

7) I once upon a time had the best dog ever, now my life is such that a dog isn’t feasible.  I miss the love, love the freedom from responsibility

9) I really love writing this blog, though I can’t imagine why people would want to read it. There is nothing I like more than when a complete stranger “likes” a blog post, I think for ages about what it might be that resonated with them.  So, thanks.  🙂

10) I’m just your average, self-conscious, often-shy, sometimes talks to much, sometimes klutzy, often sarcastic, always too smart for her own good (though frequently sounds like a five year old due to lack of vocabulary) girl.

So there, now you know ten things about me, tell me about you, maybe?





2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I’m creeped out by spiders, but that’s what makes this amazing, I can now read about a world that is so alien to me!

    • So many people are creeped out by spiders, but they do so many amazing things! They are one of the reasons we aren’t over-run by creepy biting bugs, they sometimes carry their young around on their backs and feed them until they can handle being on their own, and they build such beautiful webs. I might need to make it my mission to change the minds of people everywhere about how neat these creatures are 🙂
      Thanks for reading, its so neat to connect with people from all over through words.

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