The Night They Saved Christmas Drinking Game makes Christmas a special time with family

Number one, if you haven’t seen the Night They Saved Christmas, it may make your whole year, or maybe your whole lifetime.  Jaclyn Smith, snowmobiles, elves, overly expressive children! The whole made for T.V, 1984 awesomeness is available on YouTube!

In fact, the only way to make this movie better is to make it a drinking game.

So, here are the rules

Drink anytime

1) They mention anything about explosives, dynamite, or blowing up Santa/the North Pole

2) They say “Mr. Murdock”

3) When C.B. can’t even.

4) When the most expressive person/new person in your group can’t even

5) 80’s moments

Chug When

6) When there is singing (including the grand finale)


7) everyone takes a shot if you can find the reference to Mr. T

Happy Christmas, and you’re welcome!


~ by Meghan on December 26, 2014.

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