The world, it is a-changin’ (and I don’t like it)

Earlier this week I was discussing with a few friends how easy it is to become out of touch with what’s happening in the real world while living at La Selva.  Field work can be so all-encompassing, and generally our conversations are geared toward science, complaining about the food/station/parasites/failure of experiments/whatever, instead of recent events.  Anyway, I decided it was due time to check in on the real world.  Here’s what I found:

In global news: US prepared to attack Syria.  Somebody in Syria used chemical weapons against hundreds of people, and while Joe Biden is sure it was the Syrian regime, not everyone is so certain.  So the US is ready to step in, and deliver our mighty justice. Awesome.  Can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

In local/State news for my current home state (sort of), Wisconsin:  protestors peacefully signing protest songs in the public state capital building are being arrested, sometimes forcefully: Protestor tackled to ground in charged with felony after officer was injured during arrest (Watch the video).  Those included in the arrests, 3 grandmothers and a 14-year-old girl  Watch the video here.  A local politician.  And in my mind, the most heinous of all, a reporter who was interviewing and observing the arrests, he reports on his arrest here.  Let me just repeat this, they arrested A REPORTER!  Maybe I’m a bit naive, but really thought that the First Amendment was created to stop suppression of this type of information from the public? I honestly can’t contain how frustrating it is to know that this is happening in my home.

In even better news, the man responsible for this, Scott Walker, is almost certainly lining himself up as a candidate for President in 2016.  I cannot wait.

To cheer myself up, I looked to facebook.  Hoping for some videos of cats getting baths, or funny anecdotes about sloths or a beloved science fiction character.  Instead I found that the camp where I worked as a child, YMCA Camp Jorn, has fired the director of 23 years, Dennis Lipp, with no explanation, and no warning. At the 60th Anniversary a few days ago all was well.  My next post will be the letter I’ve written to the Board of Directors regarding this, but in short: This sucks.  Dennis is a good man, and has helped turn Camp Jorn into a successful, accredited Camp, where thousands of kids, including myself, learn and grow.  I’m trying hard to patiently wait for them to explain themselves, but my assumption is that this is all about the money. I’m guessing the new director will be younger (ie. paid less), and more likely to toe the line drawn by camp’s main benefactor, Liz Ulhlein, click the link to read about some of her creepy,  thoughts on the world.

So, in closing, I’m so glad I checked in on the world, and now know more than I want to about the state of current events.


~ by Meghan on August 28, 2013.

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